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new (last) journal [23 Feb 2007|04:08pm]

add it. i actually use it.

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044. [21 May 2006|10:10pm]
Okay I'm basically going to tell you everything that happened on my trip to Chicago.

We rode there on a gay ass bus, and I sat next to Kelly and Lyndsy instead of Henry, but I dealt with it. We laughed the whole time. I roomed with them both, and we were with Sarah Gamble, whom we all hated, but now we're good friends. We spent nights in the hotel putting the T.V. on mute and replacing people's words.

The whole trip I was flirting with Aaron, my extremely metal ex boyfriend, and I pretty much like him again. He was flirting back, and everyone said that he likes me again too.

We took a cruise on a huge party boat, with 3 decks. Corey, Lyndsy, Aaron, JB, and I all went up to the top deck and were looking at Chicago late at night. It was gorgeous, with all of the lights and stuff. Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Aaron and JB wanted to play spin the cell phone, but I didn't feel like it because I was too hyper. Weird but true. People kept asking me if I was drunk because I couldn't stand up straight, and Lyndsy had to help me walk down the stairs. I wanted to hold Aaron's hand so bad, so I was like "WHO WANTS TO HOLD MY HAND?!?!?" and like 10 minutes later he was like "seriously i thought you would hit me if i grabbed your hand." What an idiot. So later on the boat ride, while we were still up on the 3rd deck, Aaron's annoying little friend Garrett came up there. I was ripping on him for 3 hours straight. I think I made him cry but it was so funny.

Basically, Aaron and I are really close now, but I doubt I'll go back out with him. He thinks I listen to really good music and that I'm really cute, and when he was going back down to the 1st deck, I was like "BUT I LOVE YOUUUU!" and he replied, "Ryann, quit making me want to stay so much". He's so cute but AHHHHH. IDK.

Sean and I are like best friends now. It's cute. I held his hand a couple times on the bus, but it was just like AWWE BFFE!!!! I don't want to be here. I really want to go back. When I got there I wanted to go home, but after like an hour I wanted to stay forever.

Thank you to those of you that called me on my birthday, (5/20) and sang to me. It was really cute. =D

End of story.

PS, JB is my hero. My asian friend.

PSS: the funniest comeback i've EVERRRR heard:
*after me bitching nick out for 20 minutes straight*:

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[01 Feb 2006|05:56pm]
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